Temporary hiatus

Data updates are temporarily on-hold while I perform a (long-delayed) update to the systems that power Cricsheet. Updates will resume once I have the minimum of code in place to provide properly validated updates. All data previously provided by the project is still available, whether in the original YAML format, or the experimental CSV and XML formats.

I am planning to start adding new data as soon as possible, and will update this notice when I have more information.

List of changes to the Cricsheet data file

This listed shows the changes that have been made to the Cricsheet data file format since we started recording such things. The list is ordered with the oldest changes first, so if you want to see the changes in the most recent version you'll need to head to the end of the list.

You might notice that no changes are shown for version 0.2. Sadly those changes have been lost in the depths of time. One day we might be able to find them if we dig into the innards of version control, but not today.

Changes for version 0.3

Changes for version 0.4

Changes for version 0.5

Changes for version 0.6

Changes for version 0.7

Changes for version 0.8

Changes for version 0.9