What is Cricsheet?

Cricsheet is a collection of projects which collectively provide data for various aspects of cricket. The current projects provide ball-by-ball match data for Men’s and Women’s Test Matches, One-day internationals, Twenty20 Internationals, some other international T20s, various club competitions such as the Indian Premier League, Women's T20 Challenge, Big Bash League, T20 Blast, Pakistan Super League, and The Hundred matches; as well as County Championship and Sheffield Shield matches, and a registry of people linking the identifiers used for them on various sites.

Match Data

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At the moment we have ball-by-ball information for 9,467 matches comprising 685 Test matches, 23 other multi-day matches, 2,218 One-day internationals, 375 other one-day matches, 1,719 T20 internationals, 328 international T20s, 876 Indian Premier League matches, 414 Big Bash League matches, 935 T20 Blast matches, 180 Pakistan Super League matches, 273 Women's Big Bash League matches, 277 Caribbean Premier League matches, 166 Super Smash matches, 64 The Hundred matches, 9 Women's T20 Challenge matches, 856 County Championship matches, and 69 Sheffield Shield matches featuring 94 countries, 83 club teams, and 3 representative XIs going back as far as 2007 (for women), and 2004 (for men).

Cricsheet Register

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The Register consists of multiple CSV files containing entries for 7,960 people, and including 12,257 identifiers from 8 sources, along with 3,921 name variations for them.

This data allows a person to be correctly identified by their ids on various sites, such as CricketArchive, Cricinfo, CricHQ, Pulse etc., and was used for that purpose on the Cricket Scorecard Accuracy Project.

How can I help?

Spotting errors in the data

The first method of helping would be to spot any errors in the data. Ideally we won’t have any but there’s always the chance and if we can spot the errors we can fix them and write further validation to ensure that further examples don’t slip through.

Helping with missing data

The second method of helping is to help us get ball-by-ball data for our missing games. This doesn’t even have to involve finding the data, it’s possible you know a contact who may be able to shed light on some matches, or you know of someone who has the commentary for a match on tape. Even small bits of info might be enough to put us on the right track.


We do have an infrequent blog to which we occasionally post about updates to the data format, additions to the site, or random musings. The most recent entry was “Uncontested tosses and Forfeited innings” on the 11th of September, 2021.

Getting in touch

You can contact the project by following the instructions on the Contact page. Don't worry, it just involves an email, however I do provide answers for some of the common queries I receive so you may not even need to get in touch!