A multitude of updates

Posted: 6th of April, 2017

It has been over a month since I added new data to the site and, to mark the end of that apparently inactive period, I’m going to provide an update on what I’ve actually been doing, and the results of that work. Make yourself comfortable because this is going to be a longer update.

Big Bash League data

I’ve added data for most matches from the last 2 years of the Big Bash League. This comprises 67 matches, and 15,859 deliveries. There are a few missing matches (you can see which ones on the Missing page, but the majority are there.

I plan to gradually add earlier years for the Big Bash League, and eventually expand to other major domestic T20 competitions, over the next number of months.

Replacement changes

As part of the work to add the Big Bash League I’ve also changed how the data format deals with replacements. Previously replacement information was confined to “super-substitutions” and nothing else. This has now been expanded to cover replacements generally, both at a “match” and “role” level. “match” replacements can be super- or concussion-substitutions (and involve a player replacing another in the match), whereas “role” replacements are occasions where a player replaces another as a bowler or batter (but does not take their place in the match).

This expansion of replacements has resulted in the “replacement” of the “super-subs” field on a delivery with the new and improved “replacements” field. More details on this new field can be found on the Format page.

Version update to 0.9

The expansion of replacements mentioned above has, unsurprisingly, resulted in the data version in the YAML files being changed from 0.8 to 0.9. My plan is that the next update to the data file will change the version to 1.0.0, and that I will stick strictly to semantic versioning from them on.

Name updates

Part of the work I have undertaken in the last month has been to perform a thorough update of the names using for players, and officials in the data files. This has consisted of two real changes. The first was to consolidate some occurrences of multiple names for players into a single instance, while the second update was to ensure that a name is used for only a single player. An example would be Rashid Khan, which was being used for 2 players. I have gone through all such instances and put steps in place to stop them re-occurring.