A new data version

Posted: 23rd of February, 2013

I’ve been adding matches to the site on a fairly regular for the last few years, despite the lack of new articles on the site. Now however period of silence is finally over as there is a new data version to announce. Today I’ve moved all of the data files to version 0.5 and made a few other small changes to the site. First of all we’ll deal with the data format changes for version 0.5. These are fairly minor for the most part.

The first change is the addition of a revision field to the meta section of the file. This is set to 1 for every file at the moment and will increment any time there is a revision to the file. This replaced the updated field which I’ve decided was of little use.

The second change is the addition of new fields to deal with the situation where a match is decided by a bowl-out. The first field is the addition of a bowl_out to the outcome part of the info section which indicates which team won the match by the bowl-out. The second bowl_out, an addition to info, is an array containing details of the details of the actual bowl-out. It lists each ball bowled showing the bowler and the outcome. An example of a bowl-out can be seen in the file for the first West Indian T20 international in 2006.

The final change is the addition of a supersub entry to any delivery in which a super-substitution was made. This will be an array containing an entry for each substitution, containing in, out, and team fields showing which player came in, who was replaced, and which team made the substitution. You can see the only example on the site at this time in a South Africa vs New Zealand T20 match from 2005.

A number of changes are already in the works for version 0.6 of the data. More details on what those will be will come in the next few weeks.