Hello again

Posted: 17th of April, 2019

Cricsheet officially went “on hiatus” on the 30th of October 2017, with the last match data actually being added on the 16th of July that year. Since then various factors (some very important, some merely awkward) have kept the site in a state of limbo. You don’t really need (or probably care for) the details, and I’d be reluctant to share anyway, but the important news is that the hiatus is finally over.

I’ve released the data for the matches played so far in the 2019 Indian Premier League (33 matches as I post this) and will continue to do so for the rest of the tournament. I’m hopeful that the data is up to the usual (hopefully high) Cricsheet standards, but would be grateful if people report any errors to me. There have been major changes behind the scenes to how I generate this data and, while precautions have been taken, there is the chance something incorrect will have slipped through.

My short-term plan is to continue adding IPL 2019 matches, while also looking to gradually fill in the gaps in domestic T20 competitions played since the beginning of the hiatus. After that I’ll look to add one-day internationals, before contemplating Test matches. I suspect Test matches will take a while to appear as I took certain shortcuts while working behind the scenes in order to be able to start updating sooner. Deals no with that tech debt will take a little time.

Anyway, hello again. It’s good to be back.