Innings-level penalty runs - Data version updated to 0.8

Posted: 8th of January, 2017

47 Test matches were played in 2016 however, as dedicated observers of Cricsheet will have noted, I have, until now, only provided data for 46 of those matches. The 3rd Test of the 2016 New Zealand tour of India was the sole omission. As of today that has been rectified, and we now provide full Test data for 2016.

In that 3rd Test, while batting, Ravindra Jadeja persistently ran on the pitch resulting in 5 penalty runs being awarded to New Zealand before the start of their 1st innings. This method of applying penalty runs was not one that my existing data format could support (as we previously expected penalty runs to be applied on a particular delivery), meaning that I’ve had to apply a small update to the format to support this new development. This has resulted in an update of the data format version from 0.7 to 0.8.

The only change between versions is the addition of an optional penalty_runs field within each innings. If penalty runs were added to an innings, either before or after the innings, then this field will be provided (with pre or post used as appropriate).

Previous data files will be exactly as they were, save for the change of version number, while the newly-added data file for the aforementioned Test match will actually use the new field. If you’ve written code that uses the data I provide you may want to tweak it to take account of the new field.