Monthnotes: February 2023

Posted: 28th of February, 2023

Hello again 👋. Well, it looks like I’ve managed to at least make it to the second of my planned month notes for the project, huzzah! It has been a quieter month for the project, as I’ve had other things to deal with (such as finding a new job, pesky layoffs!), but I’ve still made progress on something I mentioned last month.

New Women’s Test Matches

I’ve successfully converted 5 scorebooks from (the fantastic) Women’s Cricket History into data files, meaning that I’ve increased by 50% (from 10 to 15) the number of Women’s Test matches available from the site. The matches added were:

Sadly, for a variety of reasons, I’ve not been able to generate the data for the other missing Women’s Test matches. Some matches still have discrepancies even after checking the scorebooks, some of the scorebooks are actually just scorecards, and some scorebooks are too faded to be able to read. I’ll contact the various boards to see can I resolve the discrepancies, or acquire better copies of the scorebooks, but for now we’ll just have to put up with the missing data. In the meantime I plan to gradually work through the available ODI scorebooks to see whether I generate data from them. I may also finally get around to writing up some of the details of how I go about converting the scorebooks to data and putting it on my own site.