Now available: Zip files

Posted: 24th of February, 2013

I’ve had a couple of requests over the years for zip files of different groups of matches, particularly international T20s, and Indian Premier League matches. I’ve generally created a file for those groups and send them a link to that file, and left it at that. I’ve now made a slight tweak to that process. You’ll now find a section called Zip Files on the homepage which contains links to 5 zip files, one each for Test matches, One-day internationals, T20 internationals, IPL matches, and one zip file of all 1,182 matches we currently have. The zip files contain the same data files you can still download individually, however if you’re after a number of matches one of the zip files might make more sense for you.

I’ve written a script to generate the zip files based on the criteria I provide, so if anyone wants/needs a different subset feel free to ask.